Export audio - nothing happens...

Hi. I am on Cubase 8 Elements. Everything has been working fine but now when I try to export an audio mixdown from a project (six audio tracks, a bit of automation, total length about 35 minutes), nothing happens, except the Exporting audio box appearing, but static, at 0%. What can I do? This is very annoying.

I have exported lots of audio mixdowns before.


It turns out that I could do a real-time export of the audio mixdown. Also, in the folder where I save the mixdown, I found three wav-files of various sizes, each done today, with the same name as the exported file, but with the suffix “-02”, “03” etc.

I don’t understand. Perhaps Cubase was exporting anyway?


Seems a fairly common complaint that the progress doesn’t update for some people…usually the export is still happening and if you wait the bar should disappear when export is complete.

At a guess I would say it’s probably a specific plugin causing it.

Thanks Grim. It is intermittent. Day before yesterday I did an export, everything was fine. The export yesterday was quite heavy in plugins, so I guess you are right. And many thanks for confirming that this is a common complaint.