Export Audio Problems since updating to Lion

Hi there,

I have been running Cubase 6 in 32-bit mode on Snow Leopard for some time now and decided to finally make the upgrade to Lion. Everything within Cubase works fine except for one small issue:
The Export Audio Mixdown feature.

I set my locators as per normal, export the audio and the ‘Export Audio Mixdown’ box appears. The blue bar slowly makes its way from left to right and then all of a sudden with 1sec to go Cubase just hangs with the rainbow wheel. The only way I can get back to Cubase is by forcing a quit as the ‘Cancel’ button doesn’t respond either. I never had this issue in Snow Leopard but am finding myself totally frustrated now.

Is it worth me reinstalling Cubase 6.0.5 over the top of the old one?

Well I just reinstalled Cubase 6.0.5 and still no luck. Interestingly enough the file is actually exported correctly but the program just hangs with that 1sec remaining. Has anyone else had this problem before?

Tried Realtime Export?

Turns it out I needed to install a newer version of EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra.

May this thread be peacefully closed!