Export Audio Progress

Hi all - lately when I use Export → Audio Mixdown, and it starts to render the audio, I get a progress meter – but it stays at 0%. It completes the export process fine, and the dialog closes, but I have no idea how long it’s taking. Normally the percentage will tick from 0% to 100% as it processes. Not sure why it has started behaving this way…!

It’s not a show-stopper of course, but for some of these large 70+ track orchestral projects, it would be nice to know if I should wait, get a cup of coffee, go to the vending machine…read about field-programmable gate arrays…

This is with 7.5 btw. Tracks are a mix of Kontakt, EastWest Play, UAD, the usual suspects. Any ideas are of course appreciated!



Just as an idea off the top of my mind, try soloing any of your “usual suspects” and rendering them first, then do the mix down while the already rendered tracks and considered by Cubase as audio tracks and see what happens. My main concern would be EW play 4. Personally, I still use the latest version of Play 3, and I recommend you using that, unless you are using the newer libraries that need Play 4 to open. Even in that case, I still recommend to render them first and treat them as audio files.

Just my thought. Good Luck.

A few things you can do:

  1. Check “update display”, it will show the play line where the mixdown currently is.
  2. You can try using Real-Time Export and have an audition output.

Thanks for the reply guys - after some experimentation, it is definitely being caused by projects containing Play (v4), but not all the time! Sometimes I can get the progress bar to appear. But I can always get it to work if the project doesn’t have Play in it lol…ahhhhh that crazy plugin :wink:

It’s not about Play engine…

I have that bug periodically, it shows up even without 3rd party plugins been used in project.