Export audio / render progress bar doesn't move

About 50-70% of the time whilst exporting audio mixdown or using render in place, progress bar does not move - stays fixed at 0%.

This is not 100% repeatable and can happen within a project where the progress bar on some exports / renders work as expected.

Windows 7 x64 Sp1
Cubase 9.0.20

Same here. The issue began randomly about three weeks ago. It happens on every render where I am selecting a new file name. The progress bar moves normally when I overwrite an existing file. Renders are apparently being made, but this behavior is odd. I updated to 9.0.20 two days ago hoping that would fix the issue, and it didn’t. Could the problem be with our video cards? Windows 10 64bit, i7 3770, NVIDIA GeForce GT610

Funnily enough the behaviour only started for me when I upgraded to 9.0.2. 9.0.1 was fine…

+1 … 90% of the time the progress bar just won’t show any progress.

Yea I confirm on 9.5.1. Although it is doing the render/mixdown which is the most important part, so I can deal until they can fix the visual of it.

Same issue on 9.5.1