Export Audio - same 'overwrite' warning given twice

Its just a little dumb; might as well write it down…

  1. Run an Audio Export on a file to a location; lets call it file A
  2. After doing a load of other stuff (and exporting) too, turns out you’ve edited that data for file ‘A’ at 1 above; you now want to re-output it (overwrite it)
  3. Open Export Audio window
  4. Click on ‘File Path’, to go find that file A and select it
  5. Prompt number one pop-up - ‘That file already exists - do you want to overwrite it.?’ You know what you’re doing, so you press ‘OK’
  6. You’re returned to the Export Audio window; you make sure your other settings etc are all correct; you press ‘Export Audio’ button
  7. Prompt number two pop-up - ‘That file already exists…’ etc…