Export Audio to CD

I am a relatively new user. I know that to export an audio “mixdown” to a CD one needs to use a Wave file and reduce the bit depth from the native 32-bits to 16-bits. The manual recommends dithering by activating the UV-22HR plug-in.

I am doing simple editing of classical piano music recorded as MIDI files. I have one piano VST, a tempo track, and a marker track. I have not had any need up to this point for effects plug-ins, inserts, sends, etc. and I am not sure exactly where in the process to use the UV-22HR (and in what order to perform the steps).

Would someone please be so kind as to explain in enough detail that a new user can follow the exact steps to “mix down” properly to a 16-bit Wave file using the recommended dithering.

Thank you.

UV22HR should be the last insert of your output channel (Stereo Out by default). Set to 16 “output bits”. You can experiment with “hi”/“lo”.

In the Export Audio Mixdown dialogue select 44.1/16 Wave File.

Thank you for the response.

Am I correct that the steps are:

(1) Go to mix console
(2) Select Stereo Out (last channel on the right)
(3) Select 2nd button on the left – “Inserts”
(4) Put the UV22HR in the bottom slot in Stereo Out channel
(5) Configure UV22HR

It seems that “hi” is the default (normal). Will it be obvious what I am listening for between hi and lo settings? Will I hear the dithered result while I am playing the file in Cubase or do I have to Export the mixdown first?

Yes last slot on your master bus.
Most likely you won’t hear any difference between hi and low.
The dithering is done by the plugin and the effect is on both when playing in Cubase and when rendering.
Dithering is adding a very small amount of noise that is shaped, and not really should be heard.