Export Audio Window Niggles

These are the kinds of things that -rarely- get upvoted but MATTER.

  1. Ever notice that this window is not -modal-. Meaning that if you hit Enter, it actually affects the underlying project track. WTF? This should be a MODAL window… with keyboard accelerators and a default key… like in the original Mac and Win and Linux windowing STANDARDS.

  2. When you Export Audio, any tracks set to MONITOR (the orange speaker) do NOT get exported. This is bad. It used to be that whatever signal was present at the monitored channel got exported… this was represented as a ‘feature’ by some. WTF? As if I’m going to improvise DURING the export? That got fixed… for a good while the monitor state was ignored. But now the issue is -back-. Dunno if I should call it the ‘b’ word but I can’t imagine EVER wanting monitor to be active during Export. If I want a track omitted? I’ll MUTE it… an INTENTIONAL act.