Export audio without jitts in formats mp3 and flac

When exporting to an audio format in wav format saves correctly, but in mp3 and flac format with glitches and clicks, like a jumping gramophone. What can be the problem? The sample rate is 48 kHz. but for some reason asio switches for my headphones 24 bit instead of 16. When exporting, I set it to 16bit.

It would be worth trying increasing the buffer size in Edit > Device Setup to see if this helps.

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Your advice unfortunately didn’t help. Only switching the sample rate from 48 to 44.1 helps. It seems that the MP3 driver does not compress correctly at 48, but only at 44.1, just like FLAC. WAV is saved correctly in all modes.

There must be some other condition that makes it fail with you. I’ve just tried myself and I do get perfect audio exported to MP3 at 48kHz using the Generic Low Latency driver.

Could you please try with the FlexASIO driver instead. Thanks

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I connected to the bluetooth headphones via a native Dorico asiodriver. When I put 44.1 the headphones disconnect and I don’t see them in the driver’s device list. At 48 kHz I can switch between the laptop speakers and the headphones. When working through the scarlet sound card there seems to be no problem. This is the situation.

Driver Asio, that you gave to me I can’t start. I have Win 11.

Bluetooth headphones are very often problematic, and in general best avoided for pro audio work, for many reasons. latency being just one, convenient though they may be. For the sake of experiment, can you try a pair of wired headphones and see what happens?

You can search the forum for bluetooth issues. May be worth doing also. This sounds like as issue with bit rates and your bluetooth connection to me. Needless to say, Dorico exports audio without glitches just fine. So also try experimenting with audio buffer sizes. This is a very normal thing thing to have to experiment with, and depends on your CPU amongst other things.

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@pacdenis , and what if you select the Scarlet driver and then do the audio export to MP3?

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@Ulf, With Scarlett no problem. :wink: Everythings working.

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