Export Audio

Ok, I might be going too fast, but it’s frustrating me that we’ve changed a bunch of things for apparently no reason between 8.5 and 10.

I read the manual, they have to statements that say to "export audio, go to File>Export>Audio mixdown. But on page 1016 it shows one dialog, w/ not much controls and doesn’t allow you to address the quality of the mp3, and then page 1017 it says to do the same File>Export>Audio mixdown but shows a completely different dialog box (the one I want). I have cubase 10 Pro, I checked (thinking maybe i didn’t install the pro by mistake). How do I get to the bigger dialog box, and why doesn’t the manual tell me how to do this?



Obviously there are arrows and circles that can be clicked and marked, and that open further submenus. Seems to be common behaviour in computer applications though.

ok, so what are the “arrows and circles” that i click to control the mp3 quality?

I don´t know, but should not be too much of a hassle to find out yourself. If Page 1017 is what you want, then you just need to set it up as shown in the manual.

With the File Type selected “MPEG 1 Layer 3”, click Select Attributes and then the Codec Settings button.

great! Thank you so much.

svennilenni, yes, i read those pages, that was the point.

Thanks MrSoundman!

You´re welcome.