Export audio ...

I tried to export (for the first time) an unfinished project today. I just wanted to listen to it as a .wav file instead of opening Cubase every time to do so. (Please treat me like a blithering idiot. That seems to work best.) I set the range markers and went to file>audio mixdown> and then export in the dialog box. The .wav file that was created (desktop) Windows couldn’t recognize it and therefore couldn’t be played.

Any ideas are, as alway, appreciated.

What were the export options set to?

I set the file location (desktop) and file format (wav).
Channel selection … stereo out is checked and nothing else.
Audio engine output … 44.100kHz and 32bit (float) and L/R channel is selected.
That’s it … I believe those are the default settings. I didn’t check them.

BINGO! Last time I checked out Windows Media Player didn’t support 32-bit WAV files. Please try 24- or 16-bit.

I tried both 16bit and 24bit with the same results. I also tried my Jet audio player and no luck there either. I’m sure this is a matter of me not doing something simple that is being assumed as a given.

OK. Now … in your original post you said:

What do you mean by saying “Windows couldn’t recognize it”? Did you receive an error message of some kind? Or what?

Have you still got Cubase running?

Have you tried importing the mixdown back into Cubase and playing it from within Cubase?

BTW … thanks for the help so far.

The dialog box from Windows says … Windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file. (I have a new computer with Windows 7) and yes, when I import the wav file back into Cubase it does play as a full mix.

That would indicate the problem lies elsewhere!

Export as a 24bit 44.1 KHz stereo file.

The problem is solved. I remembered that when I open Cubase it takes over audio. For example; I can’t play iTunes when Cubase is open. As soon as Cubase opens iTunes loses audio. So, when you suggested that the problem lies elsewhere I remembered what opening Cubase does to all audio in general. I then exported the tracks just as before. I closed Cubase and Windows Media Player played the exported file as any other file. Not sure why … but it has been going on since I got Cubase.

Anyway, the problem is solved and thanks again.

Thats why I asked if you had Cubase still running in one of my previous posts!

Try setting release drivers in background in Cubase, that should stop that from happening.