Export Audios and Layout

I would like to report an issue with exporting audio, where there are 2 flows and 2 Full Score Layouts (Setup mode, right side panel). I.e.flow 2 is duplicated from flow 1. Full Score Layout 1 contains only flow 1, and Full Score Layout 2 contains only flow 2. My purpose of doing this is to create some variations of the same music, i.e. flow 1 is original, flow 2 is modified with variations.

However, when I do an export to MP3 audio, only 1 flow has music in its MP3, the other flow has an empty MP3. I was puzzled, and after experimenting for a while, I found that Dorico uses the Layout as a guide in exporting audio. If Layout 1 (which has only flow 1) is listed at the top, then only flow 1 MP3 has music, flow 2 is empty MP3. Likewise, if Layout 2 is listed at the top, then only flow 2 MP3 has music, flow 1 MP3 is empty. This is not what I would expect from Dorico. It should just export both flows in MP3 without paying any respect to the Layout setting. The two Layouts that I use are as shown in the screen captures below:

I attach a sample Dorico file here for Dorico staff to verify what I’m reporting here.

Of course, after knowing this behaviour of Dorico’s, it is very easy for me to work around. To get both flows in MP3, I just need to set whichever Layout at the top of the list to include both flows, and then export to MP3. After that, restore my intended Layout setting (i.e. one Layout for 1 flow).

Flower Song xxx.dorico.zip (786 KB)

This is precisely how it’s designed to work. The score layout nearest the top of the Layouts list is the one from which audio will be exported.

See this confirmation from a Steinberg staff member, for instance:

If this is the intended way of Dorico, I’m also fine with it, but perhaps some enhancement could make it less misleading (to be honest, I was stuck at this Export thing for a few weeks, deleting flows, changing repeat notes, changing play back settings … until I discovered that it was the Layout that matters).

(1) if the Layout has only flow 1 and doesn’t include flow 2, then Dorico should export only flow 1 MP3. Right now Dorico exports one MP3 for each flow (i.e. I get 2 MP3 files), one of the MP3 file has no music (but it has 322kB file size). (I’m referring to my Dorico file in my initial post)
(2) In the Export Audio sub menu, indicate the active Layout that will be applied to the export process, so user will know Dorico only intends to use this Layout for its audio exporting.