Export/Bounce issues in Cubase with VST3 plugins

We’ve been experiencing issues in Cubase 10 with our VST3 plugins when using the Export > Audio Mixdown feature in offline mode.

We’ve noticed different bouncing behaviors depending on the region selected by the “Range Locator” boundaries. Specifically, when the length of the audio clip to be processed matches the region selected by the “Range Locator”, the resulting audio differs for multiple bounces repeated sequentially (as opposed to when the audio clip extends beyond the locator boundaries).

In addition, there seems to be some processing happening after the export that also affects the outcome of subsequent bounces. For instance, performing another export immediately after the previous mixdown seems to alter the number of samples processed during rendering. In contrast, the number of samples processed across multiple exports is identical, when waiting sufficiently between bounces.

If anyone could shed some light on this problem it would be much appreciated!

Ho do you measure the number of processed samples?

We measured the processed samples with a counter in our process function that resets to zero after the reset() call.

Are there any updates or workarounds for this issue?