Export BWF with "user time stamp" for Pro Tools

When exporting BWF from cubase 10.5, is it possible to set a “user time stamp” so that pro tools can correctly spot the files?
I have tried with “use this timecode” checked and unchecked in the BWF set up dialog but it makes no difference, so pro tools always spots to 00:00:00:00
and I have to manually set the timecode in pro tools.

Export file from Cubase with “use this timecode”, then close / re-open Cubase, new project -> import file to pool, from there “insert into project”->“at origin”. File is being put at the timecode position set earlier on export. So the problem is probably in Pro Tools.

Cubase will import to origin regardless of whether “use this timecode” is checked or not.
Cubase is not writing the user timecode into the BWF, only the origin timecode.

If it didn´t do that, then the file would not be placed to the user timecode position, as it did.

The cubase command is “place at origin” - which is what it does.
Checking the “use this timecode” overwrites the origin timecode, not the user timecode.

Yes, but if you create a new project and import the file, then the overwritten (original) timecode is now for the new Cubase project the „origin timecode“.
So if your first project has audio from timecode 00:00:00:00 to 00:01:30:20, and you export the file and set the „use this timecode“ to say 00:02:10:25, then import this file into a new project, „import to pool“ then „insert into project at origin“, it places the file at 00:02:10:25. So yes, Cubase writes the „use this timecode“ setting to the file.

Thanks for the reply, I think we are misunderstanding each other, anyway it appears that manually changing the TC in Pro Tools is the only option.