Export complete list of Dorico 4 options

Is there a way of exporting a .txt or something of all engraving, layout, and other options?

Thanks, everyone!

The Library Manager can import options (not export). You can import most settings either from the factory settings, user library, or another project.

I think there is an xml for your User Library stored somewhere…


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Individual settings on all these menus as a text document of some sort is what I’m after. :slight_smile:

Sorry - I was looking in Library Manager.

It turns out I can answer my own question.

To get a text document of all (or most?) library options, I export my library, which gives me a .doricolib

I open the .doricolib with any text editor, and I get the grand list I’m looking for. It did not occur to me I could do that.

Thanks to everyone on this thread who inadvertently led me to solving this issue.