Export/Convert MIDI Track w/Expression Map to MIDI...???

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way to convert/export a MIDI part that has an Expression Map activated (for that MIDI track) to a MIDI file that would contain the Expression Map “changes”?

EX) EWQL Silk Dizi with keyswitches (for articulations) that are triggered via an Expression Map; exported/converted so that the new MIDI file could be opened in another program (DAW) and create the same performance.

When CC messages that get written in Note Expression Data can be converted to/from standard MIDI CCmessages which in turn could be viewed by another DAW (say Pro Tools or Logic). Just wondering if the same could be done for the Expression Map controls…


The only way I can think of (because some functions of VST Expression are much more complex than simply sending out “trigger keys”… e.g. it can change MIDI channels, modify velocities, etc.)
While, theoretically, that could be “converted” into regular MIDI data, I think it would be a rather complicated process, so, why not , more simply, send that MIDI track out of Cubase, and back in again, via a MIDI loop, recording the return into a MIDI track that doesn’t have a VST Expression map on it? (then export the new MIDI track as a MIDI file)

Sorry for the un-apt reply…how would you route that? I haven’t played around too much with sending MIDI of of cubase, especially not routing it back in again. Thanks again! Ap

You’d need an external application, such as MIDI Yoke (I’m sorry, I’m a Mac guy, so not really up to speed with what is available for PC). The idea is that, if you launch that app before running Cubase, you will see the app’s inputs and outputs available in Cubase.

What happens if you ‘short’ your midi interface (midi out straight to midi in)? Would be the same thing right?

I certainly wouldn’t recommend looping if it were a single MIDI in/out device (would cause horrible MIDI feedback loops). But routing MIDI Out #1 to MIDI In #2 should be manageable. But a freeware software solution, such as MIDI Yoke, has to be a better way :wink:.