Export Cue Question

I have a project with a range filled by a drum loop (audio) and a number of horizontally stacked midi tracks that trigger a software piano (which lies on its own VST track, obviously). The Midi tracks are alternate tunes (mutually exclusive) played over the drum track, and I would like to add them to an export cue job, thus bouncing the different tunes in one job.
However, in the “Export Audio Mixdown”, there seems to be no way to do this, as the Midi tracks do not show up in the Channel Selection window. Is this just not possible or am I missing something? thank you.-

if you had used instrument track it will export as separate audio tracks, midi tracks are just data so Cubase will export the audio signal.

if you have multiple midi tracks playing at once all routed into 1 output you will not be able to export as separate tracks as there is only 1 audio track. if I understand what you want to do I guess the best solution would be to realign your midi vertically and export that way to get multiple takes of the different variations.

thanks, you mean realign horizontally? I just hoped there was a way to program the different midi track mute configurations into the cue job.