Export Dialog Crash Report

Hello, all,

I have found a deterministic crash scenario in Cubase 6.0.4 (64bit) on W7 (64bit). The crash always occurs when you have a quadro output bus and you open the export audio mixdown dialog where you had set the MP3 output format earlier. Here are the reproduction steps:

  1. Open a new project and create a stereo output bus in VST Connections.
  2. Open the Export Audio Mixdown dialog and change the output format to MP3, then close the dialog (you actually don’t need to export anything).
  3. Go to VST Connections, drop the stereo output bus and create a quadro output bus. Set this quadro output bus as the main output bus.
  4. Now try to open the Export Audio Mixdown dialog again.
    => Cubase crashes.

This crash is obviously caused by the fact that the MP3 encoder is not compatible with the quadro channel setting. However, Cubase should be prepared for this situation.

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Hello Miloslav,

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