Export dialogs are too big for screen, is there a way to resize them? (MS Surface Book 2, HiDPI)

Hi Dorico team,

I’m encountering the following problem: The export dialog popups are bigger than the screen, so much so that the “Save/Cancel” buttons at the bottom are not visible.

I haven’t found a way to resize the popup - is this possible, or planned to add resize handles to the window? As it is, it’s unfortunetely very hard to use :confused:


PS: This behavior is not consistent - sometimes after closing and reopening it, the window suddenly is a little smaller, so the buttons are visible, but sometimes the popup stays too big regardless of turning it off and on again

It must have something to do with scaling. It’s not large on my screen, at 100%.

Can you double-click the title bar of the dialog to resize it?