Export Drum Groove to Split MIDI Channels

I just played with a demo of REgroover Essential, http://accusonus.com/products/regroover-essential . This product loads into Cubase as a vsti. You then import a drum groove (max 30 sec.) and hit one button. It figures out where the various drum kit instruments (Kick, snare, HH, etc) are and separates them onto separate wav channels in Cubase. The PRO version is coming out. I don’t know if it contains the following feature, but it would be a slam dunk purchase for me if I could then export/map the separated wav instruments to MIDI with a simple second click.

I have tried in the past to use the built in Wav to Midi feature in Cubase with drum grooves. Perhaps I am not using it correctly but I typically get only one line of beats on the same midi note no matter how I set the parameters.

Therefore, I am requesting here for Steinberg to build in a Regroover-ish feature as described above with WAV to MIDI Drum export. This would be an awesome feature. Thanks

Joey Daddario