Export Error

I am having an issue with exporting.

I am trying to export the stereo out channel, 44.1 and 32bit float to a wav. When I hit export, it just freezes Cubase, the mixdown counter doesnt move, the cancel button is whited out, and it stays that way.

Now if I do it in real time mode, it works, and I can export.

Why is this ? And am I losing anything in the mixdown that way ?

OK Update to this issue, it IS working, it just looks like its frozen.

I didn’t kill Cubase with task manager , and left it, see if anything happened, and it just went back to normal mode, but the audio export progress bar didn’t move, the cancel button was whited out and Cubase was totally unresponsive for about 10 minutes, then just started working as normal again.

So I guess my problem isn’t export not working, more the progress bar and cancel button not working.