Export file length longer than export markers...

Hey all,

Having a very frustrating problem with Nuendo 6.5, Cubase 7.5 and Nuendo 6. Tested this in all 3.

Problem: exported file from Nuendo / Cubase is longer than the export locators. You can see an image of what it looks like (done in Nuendo 6, but the same in Cubase / Nuendo 7.5 / 6.5 respectively as well) here:


This is a very small amount - about 5 samples I believe, but for gaming projects - where audio of different lengths, locked to a tempo, will loop for possibly an hour, this difference begins to add up and cause sync problems. The amount added to the export is the same - no matter what length I export. It’s always the same 5 or samples. This is obviously reflected in file size as well. Example:

I did a test export of a 2:50 loop of audio at 90bpm - so 64bars. Export at 48 / 24. File size is 48,002 KB. Now, I export a loop exactly 1/4 of that - 16bars and the file size is 12,002. The math for the 1/4 loop - multiplied by 4, equals 48,008kb. Meaning that the export is adding about 2 bites of extra information to every export. This is reflected in the length when I import and loop everything inside a project obviously.

Noticed someone else had posted about this problem last year:


I have tried everything - turning off / on various settings. Snap to zero is OFF. Changing sample / bit rate (this changes the amount of information added, but it’s still added). Tried different audio card, turned audio driver off completely (no device). Turned on / off every single setting in Device Setup / VST Audio System, delay compensation off, ASIO Guard off, etc., etc. Tried different frame rates, different hard drives as well. Same result no matter what.

Curious if anyone has run into this problem. It seems that there is maybe a weird math mistmatch somewhere in the Nuendo / Cubase export engine. Or there’s something very strange with my system!

Thanks for any help in this matter!

was this file imported? and recored in that project or maybe its is a different sample rate then he project itself?

I’m having a rough time with these kinds of issues but haven’t managed to make a correct repro yet, still investigating…

What I *can * tell you is that Cubendo will export start and end of your selection (L/R locators or Cycle markers) to the nearest exact sample position (my grid was in samples, didn’t have time to try other resolutions).
When importing your export, this can lead to differences in length because if snapping is off, your locators or cycle marker begining/end can be anywhere in between two samples.