Export Filename Recipe default behavior

This is not a critical issue, more of a “rainy day” task for when the developers are bored.

When exporting as graphics on the print page:
if I change the filename recipe for the current project, the change persists on any subsequent project I open until I explicitly change it to something else. In addition, it persists for any part in the current project. It seems to me that the “copy to all” button should mean “apply this change to all parts in this project” but it is already doing that.

I would expect this setting to reset to default after closing the project. A button that said “make this the default” should be the only reason this change persists beyond the current project. Am I missing something?


Those settings are saved as preferences, rather than being saved in the project. Users have requested in the past that it would be helpful to save them optionally in the project as well, and this is something we may add in future.

Thanks, Daniel.
+1 for the default behavior being:

  • changing the recipe in the dialog automatically saves that recipe for the selected part only
  • clicking “copy to all” saves that recipe to all parts in the current project
  • clicking a “make default” button saves it in the preferences