Export Filename Recipe default behavior

This is not a critical issue, more of a “rainy day” task for when the developers are bored.

When exporting as graphics on the print page:
if I change the filename recipe for the current project, the change persists on any subsequent project I open until I explicitly change it to something else. In addition, it persists for any part in the current project. It seems to me that the “copy to all” button should mean “apply this change to all parts in this project” but it is already doing that.

I would expect this setting to reset to default after closing the project. A button that said “make this the default” should be the only reason this change persists beyond the current project. Am I missing something?


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Those settings are saved as preferences, rather than being saved in the project. Users have requested in the past that it would be helpful to save them optionally in the project as well, and this is something we may add in future.

Thanks, Daniel.
+1 for the default behavior being:

  • changing the recipe in the dialog automatically saves that recipe for the selected part only
  • clicking “copy to all” saves that recipe to all parts in the current project
  • clicking a “make default” button saves it in the preferences
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Despite the age of this thread, please have a heartfelt +1.

If I could tack on a suggestion:

It really bugs me that Dorico’s default behaviour is to dump exported files into the same directory as the dorico project files.

For me, it would be ideal if each .dorico file could be stored in its own folder by default, then the current behaviour would be fine as it would automatically keep all files associated with a given project grouped together in a single directory (excluding backups).

However, as I suspect this would be a lot of work to bring to fruition, and would probably interfere with people’s workflow, a good compromise would be to allow the use of directory delimitters in the “Export recipe” dialog, to allow exported files to be grouped together directories.

Assuming that the delimitter can be used with other wildcards, this would allow users to group all exported files in a single monolithic folder, a single folder per project (with potential subfolders for individual flows), and for users who only write for a single type of ensemble, it may be possible to group exported files per part if they’re consistently named/numbered.

If one starts a Dorico project in its own folder, then all subsequent exports from that project will be in that folder (although sometimes cloistered in multiple sub-folders).

Cheers, I thought that might be the case.

However, that requires remembering to set the save location correctly at the time of the inital save operation. If it’s moved after this (including renaming the containing folder), Dorico won’t remember where it is in the “Recent Files” section of the Hub and the default export location will still assume the file is in its original save location and unceremoniusly dump them there.

If the recipe dialog would allow for directory delimitters, I could keep all my .dorico files in a single location (easy for Dorico to see them, and fewer clicks to open a project from the file directly), then set the relavant preferences such that exported files go where I want them to go by default.

If .dorico files could be automatically saved to their own folders by default, then all exported files would exist together with the source project by default. This would make moving/copying all associated files to a new location (or zipping them for delivery) trivial, you could even store the project backups together with them if desired, this would come at the expense of making it a little harder for both users (an extra click to get the the .dorico file) and Dorico (requires scanning subfolders, which has a lot of edge cases to program around) to find the files.