Export function randomly changes the gain - please help

Hi all, When I use the export function, the gain of the resulting track is randomly different. The picture shows 2 successive exports. Absolutely no changes were done in between. Also the export settings are the same. The second export was done few seconds after the first one. And, no, the first export is not mixed into the second. From what I read, several users already experienced this phenomenon, but I couldn’t find any solution. Please help. I’m in the middle
of a mastering project and this is becoming a real problem. Thanks!


Update from my side: the track had only one plugin on it: Izotope Ozone 6. Most of the time the problem occurs at first export. Then, a second export (started few seconds after the first one is finished) is generally good but not always (!). “Good” means: the exported track is exactly identical to the signal on the master bus (checked by nulling them one against the other, with flipped phase). “Not good” means: when I null them I have a remaining signal (corresponding to the difference between the master bus and the exported track). Exports in “real time” (real time export checked in the export dialog) are always good (but it takes much longer). Conclusion: I’m glad I found a way to go through my project. But I still have a very annoying, unexplained bug caused either by Ozone or by Cubase. The most annoying here is that it’s not consistent. Any hints will be very welcome.