Export graphics with colored notes?

The goal
Export a PDF in which some of the noteheads are colored.

What I’ve done so far
I created colored notes in Write mode by:
(1) Selecting the note(s) I want to colour
(2) Enabling “color” from “Common” group in the bottom panel, and then choosing the color

Result: In Write, Engrave and Setup modes, I can see those notes have changed color. So far so good.

The problem
Despite the notes being colored in Write, Engrave and Setup modes, when I go to “Print” mode, the preview for the same flow is monochrome. Under Destination>Graphics, I toggled Color (rather than mono), but both the preview, and the exported PDF remained stubbornly black-noteheads-only.

Is it something I’m doing/leaving out? Or does Dorico only export notation in black? (In which case, why have colored notes as an option?)

Welcome to the forum, Tulip. You should certainly find that if you export a PDF with the options on the right-hand side in Print mode set to ‘Color’ rather than ‘Mono’, you get a PDF with all of your chosen colours intact. If you find this isn’t the case, could you please zip up your project and attach it here so we can take a look?