Export Help with cubase to Nuendo

Ia m trying to export a project from Cubase into Nuendo and the Tempo and time sig tracks are not there…

I did a project backup and the spr file works fine in Cubase but in Nuendo ther is no tempo to signature data?

Anyone have advice on this?

I really only need to get the tempo and signature data exported from cubase into Nuendo the audio data is easy.

Do you have the Nuendo Expansion kit?
“The Nuendo 5 Expansion Kit (NEK) is a part of the Nuendo 5 product range and brings the music tools of Cubase 5 to the Nuendo 5 media production platform. NEK means complete compatibility with all Cubase music creation features, allowing an import of all Cubase projects. In combination with Nuendo 5, the NEK complements the product to a mighty all-in-one tool for music, post, live and recording production tasks.”

to clarify i have cubase 6… the other person has Nuendo…

I just want to be able to send my tempo and time sig tracks