Export/import settings (e. g. for chord symbols)

I love the new chord symbols! Thanks for doing an incredible job.

Now I like the chord symbol “style” of the New Real Books which is a slightly tweaked Brandt/Roemer style, so I have made some changes to Dorico’s standard Brandt/Roemer style and saved them as default on my PC. I would now like to set up my notebook in the same way. Do I have to redo all the changes manually (which is cumbersome especially since I can always have only one copy of Dorico running at the same time because of the #*§$!& dongle), or is there a way to export/import settings from one Dorico installation to the other? Of course, that would be interesting for more than just the chord symbols settings, but that’s the area I’ve been deviating the most from the extremely well-chosen defaults (kudos again!).

I have searched the forums for “export settings” and “import settings”, but I couldn’t find anything that looked promising. Surely that must have been covered somewhere?

Or perhaps even a cloud-based solution so my settings will automatically synchronize between installations?


If you click ‘Save as Defaults’ in the Engraving Options dialog, this will save a file called engravingOptions.xml in %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico (Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico (Mac), which you can copy to the corresponding location on your other computer.