Export/Import the settings of the VST Instrument Rack

So … I’m having a bunch of sketches of various degrees of being completed and I have a set o Templates that work really well. Rather often I find a sketch I want to develop into a song and then I want to “import” ít into a Project built on a Template I’ve made. That works well with Track Archives and all the stuff in the Inspector and the Track List, and also (I presume, but haven’t tested it explicitly yet) for Instrument Tracks.

However, it does not work for the VST Instrument Rack so what I have to do is to manually poke around until I have rebuilt the VSTi:s from the old Project in the new Project. It is starting to grate on me … :unamused:

It would be very convenient to just have that automatically done in the export process. This could be a checkbox called something along the lines of “Include VST Instrument Rack settings in Track Archive” in the Save Selected Tracks dialog or whatever. So when I export/import Track Archives I don’t need to do this manually anymore. I can’t tell you how much I’d love to have that working in Cubase!!!

I know you can have multiple MIDI Tracks pointing at one Instrument Track nowadays. I don’t like that approach and there are some benefits to not having a VSTi stuck on a Track. On top of that my sketches are almost exclusively done with MIDI-Tracks pointing at the VST Instrument Rack so there’s just more work converting them before export. And that would lead me to something I don’t want anyways so …

Export/Import the settings of the VST Instrument Rack would float my boat! :sunglasses:

It’s a good idea, but I’m not sure how that would work because as you know, the Rack doesn’t link to the Tracks by some obvious manner such as the Rack Slot # or VSTi name. So if you import a 'Rack, the plumbing has to retain the existing VSTis and then accommodate your ‘Template’… presumably moving them to unused slots.

I’ve often wanted to -replace- a VSTi with another VSTi and have the existing MixConsole and CC -automation- retained. IOW: You’d substitute an Arturia softsynth for an NI softsynth and all the matching parameters would be retained. This would be extremely helpful when opening old projects with deprecated VSTis (eg. NI’s B4). But you can’t do that because the Cubase architecture doesn’t allow for it.

Not trying to be a wet blanket, I just think it’s -hard- programming vs. some other F/Rs

Well, if they could figure out how to implement something as complex as Vari-Audio ought to have been then rerouting a little in the rack can’t be that hard? Maybe it can, what do I know? :slight_smile: I mean all the code is there for the parts to function and it’s almost only [connected]/[not connected] that’s missing. If the VSTi:s used are listed in the nodes in the XML they can be preloaded into the Rack, then the routing in the Inspector is the same as in the Track Archive of course, which is what works now if you load the VSTi into the Rack before you import the Archive. It’s very close to almost there … if you ask me!

I KNOW! and it drives me NUTS haha! The slots in the rack are numbered so why aren’t the MIDI tracks pointed to a number instead of … whatever it’s pointed at (the name of the VSTi?). “Not connected” just isn’t good enough. But it’s another request.

My life is now a choked candle. How could it ever be the warm, light flame it used to be ... thanks for trying! :cry:

In Logic Pro X is possible and the import of tracks INCLUDES automatically the corresponding Rack and all the routing. Very annoying that in Cubase this is not possible!!!