Export in the origin track channel format


Nuendo exports regarding the destination buss channel format, so if you are exporting a mono track to a 5.1 buss, you get a 6 channel audio track. It would be great if you can avoid this, exporting every track in the source track channel format, avoiding panning, so it’s easy for moving tracks between sequencers and/or projects.



Well I meant to export stems. Freeze looks like pretty slow.


Thanks for your time explaining your setup. Honestly, it was very interesting :slight_smile:

My main occupation is making music, so when I need to move a project, I need to move the individual tracks, and this uses to be A LOT of them. So I use stems export, but, as I stated before, the result is in the destination format, so I have to split and delete some tracks later.

Anyway, your explanation gave me an idea for my next template than I’m putting together :slight_smile:


Right :slight_smile:

Me too. “Export in the original track channel format” describes the solution, exactly. This is a good one. Thanks Antonio.