Export Instrument track to audio

Hello group

I have a project with a lot of instrument tracks (VST samplers). Now I want to make track exports of those instrument tracks to audio (to have an audio backup of each instrument track), but what is the smartest/fastest way to do this?
I thougt I use batch export in de audio export menu (Export>Audio Mixdown>instrumenttrack) but that gives me silent tracks.
I rather not want to solo each instrument track and export the master output one at a time.

Any advice?



Did you try Realtime Export?

Yes, same result. Silence. Routing is OK. I just go to the audio mixdown menu, select a random instrument track and hit export. While it is exporting I can see om my meters that there is signal, but the export WAV is silent….


I’ve just checked it, and there is no problem on either of my systems, so it does work. Please could you give a step by step repro so that it may be possible to see where you’re making the mistake.