Export issue: no audio in output channels after exporting other output channels

Hi everyone,

I was hoping this issue would have been resolved in Cubase 13, but it is not. I use 6 output channels in my Cubase sessions (Mix, playbacks, instrumental, …).

Whenever I export some of the output channels in the Export Audio Mixdown window with multiple channel selection, the output channels that are not exported don’t produce sound anymore. Only workaround is reopening the session.


  1. Export Output channels 1, 2 and 4
  2. After export no sound coming through Output channel 3.

This is very annoying, because sometimes I forget and make a new export with Output channel 3 and the client receives an empty file…


This is by design. Please, read other threads with this topic.

Could you please point me in the direction of some of these topics? I’ve searched before posting this topic and am trying again, but can’t seem to find related topics.

I think it’s a very strange design choice. Why would I ever want outputs not sending audio? When all routing etc. is telling me that it should be sending audio. There’s no indication whatsoever that this is intentional behaviour.

You wouldn’t expect all keys, guitas and vocals to be not passing audio after you’ve exported drums now would you? :person_shrugging: