Export issue when using other app

While exporting a project, if I open another application in my computer the export screws up. I have to stay in Cubase while exporting. I’ve never experienced this with prior versions.


Are you on Mac or Windows, please? What is the other application, you open? Could you provide a sound example, what happens with the export?

Do you export Audio tracks, Instrument tracks, MIDI tracks…?

Which Cubase version and edition do you use?

I just tried in Cubase 13.0.20 in Rosetta mode on a Mac Studio M2 Max (Ventura) and it didn’t do it. I was noticing this with the previous version. Maybe it’s been fixed.

When I try to Perform Audio Export ie. wav or mp3 format, while exporting, if I swap over to another app on my computer such as an internet browser or whatever, the export screws up and crashes.

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There was a fix in this area in Cubase 13.0.20. So hopefully, it was fixed.