Export issues : regularly exporting empty waves with no sound 11. 020

Regularly happens that when I export I have just exported an empty wave. And of course I have checked off all the usual suspects: ranges, mutes, monitoring etc. Everything is perfect but no sound.

Sometimes when I quit CB and reopen the project it will… but today I could only get it to work in a realtime export. Pretty annoying. What can this be ? Is this a known bug? Happy to send the project file over to devs.

Thanks, Tim

I don’t know why everybody thinks such things are “bugs”… did you read somewhere else about it?
And… with no information about your system or settings we will not be able to help…
mostly this is a plug-in problem…

To support what @st10ss stated, just an example : each time I try to export anything in another way than ‘realtime’ from a project involving Emulator X3 VSTi sampler, I get an instant Cubase crash with countless error windows spreaded all over the place. It’s not Cubase related : I get exactly the same horror with Reaper. I know it, it’s a weakness of this sampler, but I have based countless years of work on this one and still haven’t see any worthwhile replacement for it, so I’m not ready to ditch it.

From which, the lesson is that yes, a plug-in (or more) is/are probably the culprit(s).

Beside this, it would indeed be interesting to have few informations about your system specs, the version of Cubase used and, if possible, a screenshot of your Export Audio Mixdown window settings.

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You could try wrapping it in jBridge to make it more stable.

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Could be, but I’m not sure that a 64 bits > 64 bits bridging would be actually efficient. Something to test, maybe, but I’m used to do any export needed which involves it as ‘realtime’ anyway, so… :neutral_face:

So it seems to have been my own fault… I had one track and it was record and monitor enabled. Turning it off seems to have done the trick. Never knew this was so strict.

Leaving me with another question: Is there a way where it doesnt bypass audio of monitor / record enabled tracks that happen to be like that just accidentally?

tape recorder style setting in preferences