Export Log of Loudness track.

Pretty self-explanatory.

I think it would be great if we could do an export of the loudness track values in log format. I’m thinking this could be pretty quick to implement. The speed analysis has been implemented already, it already writes values over time, so “the only” thing to do is to poll values on that track at regular intervals and put them in a log.

It think it would be awesome because I know some people have to buy Dolby Media Meter or one of the other ones that offer faster-than-realtime analysis (actually as freestanding apps) and then logging. I’ve had to do this when a company screwed up a commercial I mixed and it came back to me because it was “too loud”. With the Dolby I analyzed the file, exported the log and emailed it out. Took me 2 minutes. All of a sudden it passed Quality Control!

Very useful.

What say you?


I’d LOVE that feature!

Very good Proposal.


Csv would do imho (can implement wathever one would want with it)
But yes it’s a good idea.

It could also be cool to implement the variations around ITU-R BS. 1770-3 as built-in presets, which means LKFS, Gate on/off (10/8/6) short-term alerts, real time Loudness distribution etc…
Dialog detection for LKFS is needed as well (DVD & BR Authoring) but not so easy to get, I believe…

This all sounds great.

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