Export marker list with sub indexes relative to track / cd track start?

I’m looking for a way to find the marker / cd index point from the cd track start in an export list,

I have the cd indexes & relative to track ticked in the cd report window ticked when I export as csv but the cd index markers don’t seem to show up, wondering if I am doing something wrong?

I’m looking if the track/file is 0:00:00.000 code, and I put a sub index point in at say 0:02:43.023, 0:05:35.044 etc etc to the end of the track, then the next track although would be further down the montage, would it be possible to get the sub index points to show from the CD track start & exporting those values, from either the CD marker or marker export window

if im missing a trick somewhere can someone point me in the direction so I can export that value? or a workaround you have found?
it would also quicken up my workflow otherwise to be able to copy and paste the CD track start timecode out of the timecode window where the marker is would also help

after chatting with one of my colleagues, I’ve just tried exporting the audio cd report as a pdf. and it DOES have the cd index information I need on it, but when I export as CSV it doesn’t appear

nb. I don’t actually use it for creating CD’s much these days, but I use the wizard to automate the spacing requirements I need before exporting my final files, and use the cd reports to semi automate the filling of spreadsheets for the weird requirements that aren’t straight forward metadata

The CSV is a tabular format, hence can’t handle a variable number of indexes (columns <-> CD indexes here). This is why it does not appear.

gotcha thanks PG, I’ve worked around that by converting the pdf to excel to do what I need