Export markers N4.3?

Mastering an album today where I have an MP3 montage of the track spacings from the client.

The MP3’s have been sent as separate files which I alligned with the .wavs in Nuendo. The only way I can think of getting a sole file from the MP3’s into Wavelab with markers for where the Track ID’s need to be to bounce it as one from Nuendo with a small drop out denoting the start marker position. And allign this to the mastered audio so i know where to pop the Start ID’s in WL7.

Any better way of doing this with markers in the wav or make the Nuendo marker track ?
In have vaguely recalled someone exporting AES32 file and importing into Wavelab (running V7 here)


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An AES31 exportfrom Nuendo will bring markers in as track markers to WaveLab, but the source audio needs to be B-WAV, if I recall correctly.
Not at all sure if this helps though…