Export Markers to .cue file?

I’m checking out the trial version of WaveLab Elements 9 to see if it give me a better workflow for mastering DJ mixes. At the end of the process, I want a .wav file with a .cue file that has the track breaks and title/artist information for each track, or something equivalent.
I can make a Montage, add the mix takes, cut, splice and adjust the volume envelope to get a good sounding mix, and add Markers where the track transitions are, and render that to a .wav or .flac file. But I can’t find any way to export the Markers so they can be read by any other software.
I noticed there is also the CD tab that lists clips, but I didn’t see a way to export anything based on that, either. The track breaks in a DJ mix are not the clip breaks, but I could Render the project once keeping the Markers, and then split the output file if that would work.
Is there any way to get a .cue file or equivalent that has the track information?
I’ve been using Audacity with a Label track for the track breaks, and then a 3rd party program to convert that to a .cue file, but I’m looking for something nicer.

.CUE, DDP, AES-31, and full marker list export options are only available in Wavelab Pro, afaik.

You could possibly work out a workflow similar to your Audacity with 3rd party program based on the render and marker options in Wavelab Elements. But if the markers are not readable by any other program, that would be a problem. And overall it wouldn’t be nearly as convenient as Wavelab Pro.



Yes, you need WaveLab Pro to do what you are asking to do. Elements is very limited when it comes to track ID placements and other things.

Thanks for the confirmation. I searched but wasn’t able to find a 3rd party utility to read/convert the markers from Wavelab like there is for Audacity. Wavelab Pro is nice, but it’s not within my budget and is overkill for what I need (except for track indexing). Maybe because of the decline of CDs .cue files are less popular these days, but I haven’t found a better way to index DJ mixes whether the audio is .flac, .mp3, or .wav. If this functionality is added in the future I’ll definitely consider switching over to Wavelab Elements.