Export Midi Automation to Cubase ???

Hello, I need help: when exporting midi file from Dorico 2 to import in Cubase Pro 10. I cant get to see the automation lanes (CC7 Volume) and also the time track automation in Cubase.
How does it woks to get them in Cubase. I’ve read that automation is included in the midi files.
I’ am an old cubase user since years from North-Germany - sorry my English.

In Cubase I think there are preferences to control what gets imported from MIDI files, and so you may need to ensure the option to import MIDI CCs as automation is enabled.

For the time track data, you need to do File > Import - you can’t just drag the MIDI file in.

Thanks a lot. OK, import of the midi automation works now for me (midi import options are checked). :smiley:

But NOT tempo automation: import file -> import -> midi file brings no tempo automation to my tempo track, it keeps empty.
I cant find any options for the import of tempo automation. In Dorico there is the option export to midi and export to tempotrack.
Both are without effekt for me in my Cubase-tempotrack.
Maybe in Dorico 3 I dont need anymore export to Cubase. :slight_smile:
Best greetings and thanks for your wonderfull work !!

Cubase definitely allows you to import tempo events from MIDI files. Have a look at some of the suggestions in this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=75026

Solved - tempotrack automation is imported but only with the option “create a new projekt”

Thanks for the help :smiley: