Export midi bug Cubasis 2

Hi, when I export midi there is corruption(the file is empty) and it doesn’t work. I have Cubasis 2.8.1 and iOS 12.4.1 and when I record with an irig pro with a Roland Fp controller the export midi doesn’t work well, it is either empty or corrupted. I have Cubasis 1.9 on another iPad and the midi export works perfectly well. I think the bug happened with the 2 version…it would need an update to fix that because I have to use my older iPad and since my iPad Pro is with the lates Cubasis I can’t use it…
We Are a big school and we are all users of Cubasis and it is a major issue since all the teachers have to use Cubasis 1.9 in order to work it fine. Unfortunely there is no way we can downgrade to 1.9.
Thank you for trying to fix this as fast as possible!

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your message.
We will try to give the issue a repro and get back to you.

Best wishes,

Hi Vincent,

Which Roland controller do you use ?

Did you record by hand in cubasis or did you record a midi song in Cubasis?

Can you send us a recorded midi file that the midi mixdown fails with ?

We need a detailed test description so we can reproduce it here.

What I tested here :

  • connect iRig Pro without battery with iPad Pro 11, iOS 13.1, Cubasis 2.8
  • connect the Motif ES8 with the iRig Pro
  • create new project and one midi track with all midi ports (all) channel input
  • record some midi notes in Cubasis, played with the Motif ES8 keyboard
  • create a midi mixdown and import the midi mixdown into the project
    Result : all recorded notes in mixdown are exactly the same as in the recorded midi file in midi track


I recorded the midi file with the irig pro and the roland fp series, fp4 and fp7. I recorded a midi song with one track midi and then did a mixdown and then shared it.
When i do it with my nordstage it works fine, it seems the roland fp series have a bug with cubasis 2 and higher, because with Cubasis 1.9 there is no problem.
Where can i send you the midi file? I cannot attach it on this message.
Thank you!

Is it possible to have your email ti send you the midi file?
Thank you,

Hi freddy9998,

Please note that the issue will be fixed in the next Cubasis update.

In the meantime, please give it a try to deactivate MIDI clock in your hardware keyboard, and let me know if this helps to solve the issue for now.


Ok thanks. What will be the number of the update?

Hi Freddy,

We did not decide on the exact number as of yet, but be assured the fix is included in the next update.
Did the workaround for now?

Best wishes,

Hi, do you know when the new update will be released with the fixed midi issues?
Thank you
Best regards

Hi freddy9998,

Thanks for your message.

Updates will be announced once they become available.
Hopefully, it shouldn’t take too long…