export midi device automation

hi there,

i control my tc electronic gsystem (guitar effect processor) via midi with cubase 5 (switching presets) … i wrote an automation for every song, everything works out fine (after finding out that one has to set the values for program change between 0 an 126 instead of 127, otherwise the automation wont work properly, but thats another story…)

im in the progress of creating a big cubase session for a whole live set, so doing all the automation for every song again would be kinda pain in the butt, so i wonder, is there a way to export a midi device automation?

i read the f ckin manual and did a quick search on the www, no answer, maybe one of you guys can help?



Without thinking into this too deeply (haven’t had my first coffee yet :wink: ), I would think that you could, for each song, select the track(s) containing the automation, then File menu>Export>Export Selected Tracks. (Btw, do those tracks contain Parts, or just automation on an otherwise blank track?)
Create your new “master” Project, then, one by one, “Import Track Archive”. That will of course eventually place all the tracks vertically. If the tracks don’t contain Parts, create some empty ones over the distance of the automation, then, with the option “Automation Follows Events” active, move the individual Parts to their desired location.


thanx for the reply!

Regarding selected tracks:
its just automation, after creating the midi device “g system” i switched on the “r/w” button and then a folder (“midi device automation”) pops up. the folder contains the 2 parameters i just created (bank change and program change), theres no midi track at all!
after exporting the selected tracks i can’t import em again… after “importing track archive” i can indeed choose the file(".xml"), but import options tell me that i wanna import an fx channel… huh? i definitely had marked the 2 midi device automation track, nothing else…

then i created a midi track, set the output to midi device “g system” … unfortunately i can’t automate the ‘program change’ parameter in that midi track… any ideas?

i guess thats a tricky one…

and btw: coffee and pizza seem to be a prerequisite for my existence :slight_smile:

thanx again!!


Ah, O.K. In that case, you need to do a couple of extra steps (copy the “MIDI Device Automation” to a temporary MIDI track, then do like I wrote earlier, then re-import the MIDI track, then copy its automation over to the Device Automation track).
To copy the automation (each track separately), you need to open the the source automation track, open any automation track on the “temp” MIDI track (doesn’t matter which), select the Range tool, then Alt-drag from the source to the destination.

works!! thank you so much!

there’s only 1 thing I don’t get:
as briefly mentioned in my first post, after creating the new midi device, I can control everything from the console without any problem, but when I tried to automate it, the automation triggers the wrong values i.e. the ‘1’ in the automation curve triggers the value ‘1’ AND ‘2’ (for example) on my g sys and so on… what I mean is that the values of the automation curve do not correspond 1:1 with the parameters in the console and as a result I can’t reach some of me g sys presets…

only by chance i found out that setting the values at the console from 0 - 126 instead of 0 - 127 solved the issue…

so, this circumstance isn’t a problem anymore but maybe someone has an explanation?

thanks again, you really saved me some valuable coffee and pizza time :slight_smile: