export midi doesn't work

I wanted to export my project as a midi file, but when opening it in Logic nothing shows up.
I tried another project and that worked fine.
Are there some switches I should flick so it will export or could the file be somehow corrupt?

I also tried copying all notes to a new file but that didn’t work.

When you export a MIDI file, Dorico uses the layout at the top of the Layouts panel in Setup mode as the source for what gets exported. Please make sure the layout that has the players you want to be included in the MIDI file is the one at the top of the Layouts panel.

This should be mentioned in the manual (if not already done)

Hey Daniel,
did as you suggested but no difference I’m afraid. I selected the score layout in the layout panel and exported the midi.

Was the score layout at the top of the layout list, or did you drag it there before exporting?

Please attach the project here so that we can take a look, cobeer2. You’ll need to zip it up first.

I tried to be smart, export a xml file, importing that afresh and exporting it as midi but nope…

The zipped dorico file is attached.

Paul.dorico.zip (636 KB)

Actually it does export a MIDI file containing the tempo track, but nothing else.

If exports all the data if I assign a playback template.

I’m guessing that Dorico uses the playback template to decide what the MIDI instruments are, and “silence” doesn’t give it any useful information.

Ahhhh yes thanks!
I never use any playback in Dorico (sorry for that) so I didn’t think of it.