Export MIDI File from Dorico to Cubase: Tempo Missing

I have exported a MIDI file with tempo markings that don’t show up in Cubase when I import the resulting MIDI file. I have tried importing the MIDI file into Cubase via drag-and-drop and via File > Import MIDI. I have also tried exporting/importing the Tempo Track MIDI file separately but it’s grayed out in Cubase when I try to add it.

Does your score play at the correct tempo(s) in Dorico? What did you use to enter the tempo text?

Yes it does. I entered SHIFT + T > q=74.

Dorico always includes tempo information when you export MIDI. You need to make sure that you configure Cubase correctly to import the tempo information when importing MIDI.

It’s included in the MIDI file or do I have to create a separate tempo track export?

It’s always included in the MIDI file, so you don’t need to additionally export the tempo track separately.

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