Export MIDI from Hitpoints after quantizing Slices

I’m an experienced Cubase user for some time, but I haven’t been able to find an answer to this question…

Live drums are recorded, hitpoints are placed, drums are sliced and quantized/crossfaded.
Is there a way to export the MIDI from all of my hitpoints AFTER the slices have been quantized? Or is it possible to export MIDI hitpoints BEFORE, and have it sliced/quantized with the drum audio?

I’ve found a few old threads related to this from searching, but no definitive answers. Thanks for any suggestions!


You can export the MIDI Notes (Sample Editor > Hitpoints tab > Create MIDI Notes) in any time.

Thanks for the reply, Martin!
I know this works for the individual audio events that are created after slicing, but there are a couple thousand slices across this whole EP, and as soon as the audio is bounced back to one event all of the hitpoint information is lost.

Is there a way to recombine quantized slices to one event from which MIDI notes can be extracted?


Are these Hitpoints custom made? If they are generated automatically it shouldn’t be a problem to create them (automatically) on the bounced events. Or am I missing something?