Export midi from selection


Does anyone know if there is an option to export a given selection of bars to midi ?

E.g. :

  1. Select a few bars in a score.
  2. Right click > export as midi.
  3. Paste in your DAW.

It would be very useful in case where quick back and forth between DAW and notation software is needed.

Current workaround :

Export the whole score as a midi file, import the midi file in your daw, and try to find the desired part in the whole score each time.



This is not currently possible, but it is something that has been requested before, and is on our wish list for future implementation.


Thanks for your reply @dspreadbury !

Id love that funtionality! I sometimes develop very nice musical ideas in one software which I then want to cultivate and develop more in another software before bringing it back. Being able to select just that specific bit and easily moving it between Dorico, Cubase and other tools would be amazong!