Export MIDI sequence from KORG X3 to Cubase 5

Searched, and can’t find exactly what I need.

Been a very long time since I implemented MIDI on a hardware basis, and my knowledge is ultra-rusty. Basically, I have a couple of short sequences in my KORG X3 that I’d like to import into C5. The synth’s A drive is broken, so I guess I’ll need to affect it over MIDI. First, connect from MIDI (X3) to USB (laptop). From there, I assume I can only undertake a MIDI dump, unless there’s some magical way to manually record the parts in C5 from X3 playback…

It’s been over 20 years, and I’ve never needed to use C5 in this manner, so am at a loss. Is it even possible?

Any suggestions?


Hi and welcome,

I would recommend you to record the data in real-time. If your devices are not synced, you would have a shifted notes.

I would recommend to export the MIDI file to any USB-stick, and import it to Cubase.