Export MIDI track to file

I need to send someone a file of a MIDI track that I have created within a project. I guess what I want to do is to export the MIDI track to a MIDI file that I can send to him and he can use within a separate project.

However, I cannot seem to work out how to do it. The manual says : “to export your MIDI tracks as a standard MIDI file, pull down the File menu and select “MIDI File…” from the Export submenu. A regular file dialog opens…” Then it gives a diagram of the Export Options window.

When I go to File/Export/MIDI file… what I get is the explorer window saying “look in…” I select the project but then it just lists odd MIDI files that are not in that project anyway. What am I missing?

Can you send screenshot, please? What about your Export Options settings? You can find this after choosing thepath, or in the Preferences window: MIDI > MIDI FIle.

Name the file and hit save…? Seems quite straightforward…

Many thanks for the responses.

Martin :
a screen shot will only show Windows Explorer with the project in it and the folders Audio, Edits and Images. The export preferences are as default, i.e. :
Export Inspector Patch - greyed out
Export Inspector Volume/Pan - greyed out
Export Automation - unchecked
Export Inserts - checked
Export Sends - unchecked
Export Markers - checked
Export as Type 0 - unchecked
Export Resolution is 480
Export Locator Range - checked
Export includes Delay - unchecked

thinkingcap :
no, I don’t think it is quite straightforward. As I noted, in bringing up the project in the Explorer window, the only MIDI files listed for saving are nothing to do with that project. (Obviously if the MIDI track I want was listed then of course it would be a simple matter of bring that into the file name window and saving).

I still don’t see why I don’t get the export dialogue box that the handbook mentions.

The dialogue will not bring up a list of MIDI files from your actual project to choose from. The dialog asks you where to save the files you want to export under which name, just like when exporting audio. Quite straightforward as said already.

Because as the manual also mentions: First you specify name and location, click “save”, then the export options come up.

Thanks, I get that bit now. So I have gone through the process to save the “MIDI files”. However, when I open the saved file in Cubase I get one empty track entitled “Marker”.

So I am still missing something that I cannot find in the manual. What I want to do is to save one specific track in a project. Then I will want to open that in another project and see a track with that MIDI data in it.

Solo that one specific track you want to ( -or mute all those you don´t want to- ) export. Read up on what the different export options do (especially the “export locator range”) - done. Quite str…

OK, got it now! Thanks for the help.

(It’s always straightforward when you know what to do :wink: )

thank you thinkingcap, it was a long time since I wondered how to do that.