Export MIDI without keyswitches?

I want to export my MIDI from Dorico without the keyswitches, but WITH all the other MIDI data (like modulation). Is this possible?

It depends what you mean: if you mean MIDI CC data that you’ve created yourself in the Key Editor, then this will always be exported, but if you mean MIDI CC data that Dorico generates automatically as part of playback, then the answer is no.

Depending on the scale and complexity of your project, you could consider doing Save As so you can be sure you won’t mess with your main project file, and then edit the expression maps in use in your project to remove the key switch notes. Then when you export MIDI, no key switches will be included, but provided you’ve retained the same settings for dynamics etc. in the expression map switches, the automatic CC data created by Dorico for dynamics should still be included.

If it helps, when I export MIDI to Logic, I select all the MIDI tracks at once, open them in the piano roll editor, and then select one key switch note and finally select all notes “of same color” because all key switches appear at full velocity, i. e. bright red. Then I just hit delete and they’re all gone at once.

You can swap out the expression maps or playback template while you export to use one that doesn’t have the unwanted switches.