Export missing data Nuendo 12.0.70

Hi! Why is nuendo exporting and missing data like this? see the picture below.
Any help in the issue is much appreciated, I can’t trust my batch exports and it’s taking a lot of time to double check that everything came out the other end ok.

I hardly dare to ask - but is there a plug-in that runs in demo mode, perhaps (maybe even inadvertently, due to a USB drive losing connection or something)?


That was my first thought also.
Since you are using RX also, I had similar issues when all of a sudden some inserted iZotope Plugin (Mouth Declick / Voice Denoise, etc.) decides to run in Demo Mode.


Nope, some exports look like this without plugins. Some have plugins on, which aren’t in demo mode, and some have stock steinberg plugins. Doesn’t seem to matter :frowning:

I appreciate the suggestion though! :heart:

Exporting the same thing twice does exactly the same? Or are the silent parts moving somewhere else?

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Exporting the same thing twice fixes the issue most of the time, sometimes not. But I haven’t come across it moving the silence yet!

Ok, but when it fails multiple times are the dropouts always in the same place?

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Thanks for chiming in MattiasNYC!

Yes it does seem to do that. You got me thinking and testing, I think I’ve narrowed it down to my synology NAS syncing the folder I’m exporting into! When I pause the sync it doesn’t replicate the issue, only when I have the synctask active!

The googledrive doesn’t appear to contribute to the issue, pausing that doesn’t do any harm but there’s something with the synology software maybe?

Anyone experienced anything similar?

I have no problems like this. Internal m.2 NVME drives for work.

I can see how sync could be problematic if it interrupts the writing of data on that volume if it’s simultaneously syncing with something else. Annoying. I know some how have done this professionally in big facilities without problems so I’m guessing it really depends on what service / setup you’re using. I guess the obvious solution is to just turn that off, at least during rendering.

Yeah that’s the obvious solution right now atleast! I’ll update the thread if I get a better fix.

Thanks for now! :heart: