export mix import mix returns at diff speeds unintended?

Hi much appreciated if someone can solve my problem for me. Only 2 days ago on the same project i made a mix down wave and it was as it should be , since my singer has layed down her tracks i did a quick mix to send to her and its fast like chip monks.When i tried to export a single track and import it again so as to free up processing power it arrived back in the project fast.like chipmunks which is not the sound aim going for.

What i am doing step by step
1/ set markers left and right to ether side of the part.
2/ Go file drop down menu / export/audio mix down
3/ wave file/ixmlchunk/44.1KHz/32 bit float/L_R channels/pool are all ticked.
4/ Hit Export.
5/Find wave file in audio folder.
6/ import audio file

And it arrives back in my project slightly shorter which plays fast.

can you help.

If your file is 44,1 kHz and it sounds like chipmunks, then your project or soundcard samplerate is set to a higher samplerate than 44,1 kHz

Hi thinking cap i new it had to be something simple not sure how i changed it mid project,obviously click happy.Anyway thanks for your time much appreciated.