Export MixConsole History - exact plugin value changes, etc

I’d like to be able to export this to some sort of text document.

It would be very useful to decode how a certain sound was achieved especially when edit/mixing dialogue.

I’d like a choice between Edit History by itself, MixConsole history by itself, or the two combined.

-Initial parameter values pre change
-changed parameter values
-difference between values
-cursor time in project change occured
-date/time of day
-order of plugins on channel when change occured (names displayed horizontally separated by numbers and commas - 1.BX DynEQ, 2.Compressor, 3.etc)
-preset selections in plugins

Sometimes simply saving a Track Preset or FX Chain preset, doesn’t always translate because of different frequency content or db values… and so it’s useful to know which threshold was pulled down within the other compressor plugins, when the low-frequency hi-pass was adjusted after or before, etc, etc.