Export Mixdown / Bounce Process & Conversions

I have a question about the audio export mixdown process used in Cubase.

I typically work on media compositions at 48kHz and 32-bit float.

When performing a mixdown / bounce, this can be to the same OR it can be to 24-bit at 48kHz.

So, when performing the export, does Cubase effectively play the project content at 24/48, or doees it do it at 32(float)/48 and then perform a conversion?

I have the same question for exporting down to 24/44.1kHz , and for from 32-bit/96kHz to 24/48kHz and 24/44.1kHz

The reason I ask this is that I know that in other DAWs, this is done differently. In Reaper, for example, you can select how this is done.

This has implications not just for high-end content, but also for harmonics.

If I’m exporting a mix to then be used in another Cubase project - let’s say I have a separate project do “mastering”. What’s the best way to do this? Should I set the mastering project at 32-bit float/48kHz and then render down to 24-bit at the end? Or, should I have the mastering project at 24-bit/48kHz and then let the import process convert the mix duriing import?

And likewise the same question for different sample rates ?

Extending from this, when exporting, where should the UV22HR plug-in be used on the master fader. Obviously post-fader, but let’s say I’m using a 3rd party limiter, but I don’t want to use their dithering. Do I used the UV22HR before or after the limiter?

Audio is always processed at 32/64 (depending on your engine setting) bit float and at your project sample rate. If you specify something different than that for your export, that conversion happens at the end of the signal chain. I don’t know what implications you’re referring to, but all the popular DAWs process audio at 32/64 bit float. Maybe you’re referring to Reaper’s resample mode? If so, that’s irrelevant for cubase since cubase doesn’t do src on the fly. If you’re exporting to be imported into another cubase project for mastering, you can avoid any conversion by exporting to 32 bit float and at your project sample rate.